Sharing Part I : Outdoors Edition

Summer! It’s actually approaching here in moody-weathered Colorado. You know what this means – we’re dusting off our tents, digging out our once-used kayaks, and simultaneously looking for cooler, more outdoorsy things to do. As much as we wish we could head to the mountains every weekend, that’s usually can’t happen with our busy work schedules, social life, etc.

Guys… instead of just leaving your camping equipment to rot in your closet, why don’t you make some cash by letting your neighbors borrow it on Fluid?



“There is no joy in possession without sharing.” — Erasmus

“Sharing is caring!” — Mom

What if I told you that you could borrow whatever you wanted, from people in your neighborhood? With Fluid, that’s actually possible.

We’re a community sharing app that allows neighbors to borrow and share things they don’t use every day at a neighborly rate.

What this means? A world where everything you need is at your fingertips without having to buy it. Borrow expensive camping gear for a weekend trip with friends. Try out an expensive DSLR camera on a photo shoot before you splurge. Snag an amp for an important performance. Or, borrow hard-to-find tools for a long overdue project.

Don’t buy it, Fluid it.