3 Ways to Host an Epic Park Day on a Budget

Colorado has some of the best parks in the nation, and the weather is practically begging you to take advantage of them. The key to any successful afternoon in the park is showing up fully prepared with the right gear. While it’s usually cheap or free to spend a day at the park, some of the items you may want to bring may be more on the pricier end and not readily accessible at the last minute. Enter Fluid Market. We did a round-up of park day must-haves that can be rented at a moment’s notice near you. We even did some super intense financial projections** on your savings if you opted out of purchasing at full retail so you can host an unforgettable afternoon in the park without breaking the bank.

Ready? Here are three super easy ideas to get your park days started!


3 Tips to Jumpstart Your Vehicle Reservations!

So, you listed your car on Fluid, and you’re ready to rumble. Now what?

Below are some important tips for how to make your vehicle lender experience as easy (and successful!) as possible. Check them out!


4 Ways to Spring Clean with Fluid!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping – well, we’re in Colorado where the sun is always shining, but you get where we’re going with this!

Spring is here, and that means spring cleaning! Open up the windows, rent some of these key cleaning items, and get in the zone. There’s nothing that feels better than coming home to a clean home – so let Fluid help you jumpstart your spring sweep!