Budget Crunch: Music Festivals & Concerts

This is the first installment in our Budget Crunch series, Fluid’s top tips on how to save money throughout the year. Stay tuned monthly for more!

For a huge music fan with a tiny budget, music festival season can be frustrating. Expensive tickets, festival food, and not to mention all the lawn essentials. Don’t force yourself to eat top ramen four nights a week to save up – use Fluid to cut your budget in half. Check out the ways you can save below!


3 Ways to Save Major Bank on your Next Vacation

Summer is fast approaching, and vacation season is right around the corner. But with boarding costs, hefty rental car bills and activity fees, your savings usually disappear before you can say cowabunga. Use Fluid to save up for your vacation elsewhere, or save money while you’re vacationing in Colorado!

Ready? Here are three super easy ways to start saving!


User Spotlight: Laura

Meet Laura, one of Fluid’s 5 star users – here she is above, standing in front of her Fluid shed! She’s a member of the Berkeley/Sunnyside community, and has been renting out various things on Fluid since we first launched. We spoke with Laura to learn a little bit more about how her experience on Fluid has been, and how much money she’s made!