3 Essential Tools for Fall

Fall is here! With the golden leaves and chillier weather, it’s one of our most beautiful seasons. Fall is also when your yard becomes a messy pit of leaves, sticks and other debris. Not only do we have to keep our yards clean, we also have to prepare our lawns for the upcoming winter.

Are you ready for fall? If not, Fluid’s here to catch you. Here are three essential tools for fall clean up or winter prep – and there’s no use in owning them if you can rent them for cheap on Fluid!

1. Aerator

Aerating lawns encourages good root development before the upcoming winter! Specifically, aerating helps loosen compacted soil and create a better grass growing environment. Fall is the perfect season to do this, due to the cooler weather and warm soil temperatures.

Rent an aerator on Fluid for as low as $65/day

2. Log Splitter

Log splitters can be used for both fallen-tree management as well as getting firewood ready for the colder weather. They can cost as much as $1,500 – rent one on Fluid for much cheaper!

Rent a log splitter on Fluid for as low as $60/day

3. Backpack Leaf Blower

The most commonly used tool in fall, use a leaf blower to eradicate leaves and debris around your home! Vacuum attachments help get the job done quickly and without making a mess.

Rent a backpack blower on Fluid for as low as $15/day

Use these tools to get yard work done quick, so you can head inside to watch Game of Thrones! Or football…

To find these items and more, download the Fluid Market app and start borrowing today.

– The Fluid Team

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