3 Ways to Promote Your Items on Fluid!

So, you’ve uploaded a couple of items onto Fluid. Now what? Here are some helpful tips on how to get your items noticed and reserved, and help you make some extra cash. Let’s get those reservation requests rolling in!

1. Share It
Sharing your items is easy! Use our “Share” function (go into “My Items”, click on the item you want to promote, and scroll to the bottom for the share button) to easily promote your item through email, social media or text.
Add a catchy caption like, “Going camping this weekend? Borrow my tent for $3/day on Fluid!” – and you’re ready to go! Post it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for triple exposure.

2. Talk About It
Let your community know about your items! Make flyers to hang in your apartment complex or neighborhood, so your neighbors know what items are available just inches away! Also, use neighborhood forums like NextDoor or Facebook Groups to promote yourself. You never know who’s looking for your item!
Make sure to tell your previous reservations to tell their friends as well!

2. Pump It Up
Make sure your item listing is in tip-top shape! Make sure the description has at least three bullet points of solid information, that you have 3 or more high quality images, and that your pricing is fair! The better the listing, the more reservation requests you’ll get!

New items are being added every day – make yours stand out!
Thanks for adding your items on Fluid – Share on!
– The Fluid Team

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