3 Ways to Save Major Bank on your Next Vacation

Summer is fast approaching, and vacation season is right around the corner. But with boarding costs, hefty rental car bills and activity fees, your savings usually disappear before you can say cowabunga. Use Fluid to save up for your vacation elsewhere, or save money while you’re vacationing in Colorado!

Ready? Here are three super easy ways to start saving!

1. Staying here? Rent out your camping gear

We all know that Coloradoans are the biggest fans of the outdoors… which also means they have the most gear! Got tents, kayaks or backpacks you don’t use all the time? Rent it out to your community and pocket the change! (Also, people generally book for the weekends/several days!)

  • 8 Person Tent (Rent it out for $20/day, in a month you’ll have made roughly $160)
  • Inflatable Kayak (Rent it out for $15/day, in a month you’ll have made roughly $120)
  • Lawn/Tailgating Chairs (Rent them out for $5/day, in a month you’ll have made roughly $40)

Monthly Fluid Savings: $320

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2. Staying here? Rent Out Your Car

According to the Denver Post, Colorado broke the tourism record with 77.7 million visitors spending $19.1 billion in 2016 – so it’s no surprise that the Rockies has been named a top travel destination this summer. Rental car companies can be a bit pricey, and if a visitor only need a car for a few days, why should they have to make the shlep to the nearest Enterprise? Be a good Colorado local and share what you’re not using! 

Vehicle lenders on Fluid make up to $1000 a month on their vehicles! And we know what you’re thinking: what about insurance?? Don’t sweat it. Fluid vehicle insurance includes physical damage protection, up to a limit of $50,000. Fluid also has third party liability coverage up to $300,000! To learn more about how our insurance works, check out our Vehicle Insurance FAQs.

What are you waiting for?

3. Coming here? Rent for less

First, WELCOME TO COLORADO! Second, sometimes your car just isn’t going to cut it on vacation. It’s a great opportunity to test drive a new ride as well. Rent something fun, like a VW camper (as low as $100/day) or even a Tesla Model S (as low as $50/hr) to cruise around the city in style.

This state offers tons of outdoor adventure, but don’t waste your money buying something at REI you won’t be able to fit in your suitcase. Rent an 8-person tent for your whole crew (as low as $8/day), a few paddleboards to splash around on (as low as $20/day each) or hammocks for the whole family (as low as $5/day). Enjoy the great outdoors without spending your whole vacation budget!

Vacation should be fun, not stressful – save money for the important things with Fluid! 

To start making and saving money, download the Fluid Market app today.

– The Fluid Team

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