4 Kickass Colorado Road Trips with Fluid!

The weather’s getting nicer, the snow’s melting, and that only means one thing: ROAD TRIP! Take in Colorado’s beauty and take one (or more) of these quick, fun getaways.

Don’t have a car that’ll get you there? No sweat. Worried about insurance? Fluid covers it.

Rent one of these awesome vehicles on Fluid from one of your neighbors, and get out there! Here are some vehicles available in Denver to snag for a trip.

1. Steamboat Springs
Get there with: Chevy Trailblazer, $28/day
Just 3 hours away, Steamboat is a unique town with a super cute, Western vibe. Check out the two hot springs parks (win!) and browse the fun shopping area.

2. Fort Collins
Get there with: Jeep Liberty 4×4, $29/day
Get to Fort Collins in only an hour – this half-family half-college town is home to many breweries, including New Belgium, Odell and Funkwerks. Take a bike tour of the breweries, hike on Horsetooth Mountain, or explore downtown’s fun nightlife.

3. Estes Park
Get there with: Ford Explorer XLT, $39/day
Steamboat is known for having excellent activities, no matter the season: mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and even ice-climbing. If you’re a fan of getting spooked, take a walk around the Stanley Hotel (which inspired Stephen King’s The Shining).

4. Great Sand Dunes National Park
Get there with: Rugged Hyundai Santa Fe, $25/day
Yes, it’s a shlep to get there (it’s four hours away from Denver). But trust us, it’s worth it. The dunes are beautiful – they’re the tallest in North America, and about 300,000 people visit the park annually. Surf the sand, visit the visitor’s center to read up on how they were formed, or even camp on the dunes themselves (they only allow 10 permits per night)!

Some weekends, your car just isn’t gonna cut it. Rent one on Fluid instead, and get going on your road trip!

– The Fluid Team

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