5 Reasons To Start Using Fluid Today

If you haven’t heard already, Fluid is a community sharing app that allows people to rent things to and from each other – kind of like Air BNB, but for stuff! Not only does Fluid help people get the items they need at a reasonable price, they also help people make money by sharing what they already own.

Bonus: Fluid users also help the environment by reducing unnecessary consumption!

Don’t wait any longer – check out these five reasons why you should use Fluid today!

1. Try Before You Buy

1. Try Before You Buy
Haven’t you always wondered what it would be like to own a drone? Virtual reality? Or… a Tesla?
Instead of taking the plunge prematurely, why not try it out through Fluid first? In Denver, people have listed tons of cool stuff – an aerial yoga swing, expensive DSLR cameras, racing bicycles, and even a teardrop trailer. Save money by borrowing from the people around you, before you splurge on something you might not want to own.

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2. Help Small Business Owners
Fluid is proud to help small business owners succeed! One of Fluid’s most frequent users owns a small moving company, and rents a box truck on Fluid weekly. Not only does he save a bunch of money, he doesn’t have to own or store the truck himself. Fluid helps people run businesses, without all of the costs of owning equipment or paying for storage space.


3. Try New Things
We all know how much adventure there is in Colorado. But, trying a new hobby can be expensive! No one wants to invest in something they’re unsure about.
Don’t put it off any longer – see if your hobby is available to rent on Fluid! Snow stuff (skis/snowboards/snow shoes), backpacking or camping gear, arts-and-crafts tools, high-quality kitchen equipment… the possibilities are endless.

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4. Make Money
Let your stuff make money for you! People are making money from items such as tools, seasonal things (rakes, snow gear, summer games), kids stuff (bouncy castles, car seats), and even vehicles (moving trucks, cargo vans).
Have things laying around your home that you don’t use every day? Throw it on Fluid and start making some cash!
Plus, all your items are insured against property damage up to 1 million dollars, so you’re covered!


5. Build Community
By borrowing things from your neighbors and peers, you get to meet people you may not normally interact with! Perhaps you rent a kayak from a neighbor and they give you recommendations for the best lakes – or somebody down the street rents your party supplies, and also invites you to celebrate along. You never know that a new friend be right around the corner.
Yay for #FluidFriends!

Start using Fluid today and share you story with us!
Give us a shout on Twitter @fluidmarket to let us know, or hashtag us at #FluidIt
– The Fluid Team

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