Budget Crunch: Fluid’s New Referral Credit

This is the fourth installment in our Budget Crunch series, Fluid’s top tips on how to save money throughout the year. Stay tuned monthly for more!

Have you heard the exciting news? For a limited time only, we increased everyone’s referral code amounts to $20 per referral as a token of our appreciation for joining the Fluid Market community! Now you can share your referral code to give someone $20 off to try us and receive $20 in your account automatically when they complete their first reservation!

With all this credit racking up in your account, you must be thinking: What kinds of items are on Fluid that I can rent with my credit? We put together a few ideas for you, so check them out below!

1. 1 Referral = Snapchat Spectacles 

Have you always wanted to try out this amazing product, but didn’t want to splurge? Try an hour of these Snapchat Spectacles! Owned by user Beatrice L., you can record up to 30 second videos on these shades and send it to your snapchat friends. The video can even be moved around for a 360 degree perspective!

2. 10 Referrals = 2 Standup Paddle-boards

With ten referrals, you’ll have enough credit to rent two standup paddle-boards for a weekend trip! Whether it’s to Lake Granby, Evergreen, or Sloan’s Lake in the city, these #1 Amazon-Rated Atoll Paddle-boards will be sure to enhance your weekend. Plus they’re inflatable, so you won’t need a roof rack to transport them!

3. 20 Referrals = 2016 Tesla Model X

A Tesla is the prime example of something you’d want to cruise in once and a while, but not own yourself! The Tesla Model X 75D seats 7 and owners boast that it is “the safest, fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history.” This model even has auto-pilot capability!

To find your referral code, click the left side menu bar and press “Give $20, Get $20” – from there, you can share directly from the app through email, social media, and SMS. Or, share your code freely with family, friends, and neighbors by copying and pasting.

Fluid’s good for the environment, good for your wallet, and great for helping your community. Start spreading the word about Fluid today!

– The Fluid Team

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