Budget Crunch: Music Festivals & Concerts

This is the first installment in our Budget Crunch series, Fluid’s top tips on how to save money throughout the year. Stay tuned monthly for more!

For a huge music fan with a tiny budget, music festival season can be frustrating. Expensive tickets, festival food, and not to mention all the lawn essentials. Don’t force yourself to eat top ramen four nights a week to save up – use Fluid to cut your budget in half. Check out the ways you can save below!

Festival Essentials

A day in the sun can be tiring, so having a designated hang spot is key – especially if you’re in the GA field! Get comfy with these items:

  • Keep your beers cool with a Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler (Rent for $5/day vs. Buy for $349.99)
  • Your booty will thank you: Lawn/Tailgating Chairs (Rent for $12/day vs. Buy for $27.42)
  • Create some shade with a 10’x10′ Pop-up Event Tent (Rent for $10/day vs. Buy for $435.00)

Grill Up A Storm

Food trucks can be some of the biggest money-suckers at a festival – with those $12 tacos and $18 artisan cheese fries, you’re better off cooking your own food with your friends. If the venue allows, Fluid some:

  • Extra Folding Tables (Rent for $10/day vs. Buy for $95.00)
  • Coleman Portable Grill (Rent for $5/day vs. Buy for $127.99)

Before you know it, you’ll be attracting other festival-goers with the heavenly smell wafting from your area. Everybody knows a freshly grilled burger beats a $20 ahi tuna bowl, duh.

Rack Up Some Cash

3-day festival tickets can sometimes cost upwards of $350! Not to mention Lyft/Uber rides to and from, alcohol expenses, and hefty hangover brunches the next morning…

Got tents, kayaks or backpacks you don’t use all the time? Rent it out to your community and pocket the change! (Also, people generally book for the weekends/several days!)

  • 8 Person Tent (Rent it out for $20/day, in a month you’ll have made roughly $160)
  • Inflatable Kayak (Rent it out for $15/day, in a month you’ll have made roughly $120)
  • Lawn/Tailgating Chairs (Rent them out for $5/day, in a month you’ll have made roughly $40)

Monthly Fluid Savings: $320

Stay safe, and have fun this summer – Freeeeeeebird!

To start saving and making money, download the Fluid Market app today.

– The Fluid Team

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