Budget Crunch: Summer Home DIYs

This is the third installment in our Budget Crunch series, Fluid’s top tips on how to save money throughout the year. Stay tuned monthly for more!

Have you been thinking about home improvement, or building something new in your yard? Summer is the perfect time for these projects – good weather, more spare time, and the sun’s up for way longer!

However, home project costs can really add up! Trips to Home Depot to buy tools you’ll never use again or renting a Uhaul to lug large items back and forth… no thank you! Here at Fluid, we wanted to give people access to what they need, when they need it – without having to buy it. Check out some home improvement projects and items you can rent on Fluid, below!

1. Flagstone Patio

Laying a flagstone patio is one of the easiest, most beautiful DIYs there is for a backyard. It will impress guests, help divide your backyard, or spruce up uneven levels.

However, you need a bunch of tools that you (probably) don’t own to pull off this project, but who wants to buy them when you know you’ll never use them again? Check out Fluid’s available tools to rent below, and our favorite step-by-step DIY here.

  • Tamper – Rent for as low as $5/day
  • Wheelbarrow – Rent for as low as $5/day
  • Pickup Truck – Rent for as low as $6/hr

Pro Tip: (Is this even a pro tip?) Get somebody to help you, please! Flagstone can be super heavy, and even if you have the proper tools to transport the stones, a helping hand can really make a difference. Also, bend your knees when you lift!

2. Build a Pergola 

Pergola’s provide much-needed shade from the harsh sun, and can be wrapped with vines or flowers for a more elegant addition to your yard! Check out how to build one here, and the tools you need below.

  • Post Hole Digger – Rent for as low as $9/day
  • Circular Saw – Rent for as low as $5/day
  • Jigsaw – Rent for as low as $8/day

Pro Tip: Check out these amazing design tips for pergolas to impress your guests for any occasion!

3. Dig a Fire Pit

A fire pit is an awesome way to entertain guests and keep warm during the cooler summer nights. Plus… doesn’t everybody want an excuse to make s’mores whenever they want? We’ve found an easy tutorial here, and tools below.

  • Shovel – Rent for as low as $4/day
  • Tamper – Rent for as low as $5/day
  • Steel Rake – Rent for as low as $5/day

Don’t buy tools you’ll never use again – instead, rent from your community through Fluid Market! If you take any awesome photos of your DIY projects with Fluid-rented items, tag us @fluidmarket / #FluidIt and we’ll share!

– The Fluid Team

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