Business User Spotlight: SquirrelBox

Meet Cameron, one of Fluid’s 5 star users! He operates and owns his own valet storage business, SquirrelBox, out of the Denver Metro Area. SquirrelBox rents vehicles on Fluid to transport items, and switched over from UHaul when he discovered we were cheaper and more reliable! We spoke with Cameron to learn more about how Fluid has improved his business, while helping them save a ton of money on vehicle rentals.

1) How did you hear about Fluid?
I heard about Fluid after attending the Highlands Street Fair in the summer of 2016. The booth had the massive Connect Four game and lots of cool things that you could borrow from your neighbors. I downloaded the app and discovered tons of other items like cars and trucks.

2) What do you rent on Fluid and how often do you rent?
I rent cargo vans and box trucks on Fluid whenever we need extra vehicles for our business. I started renting on Fluid because it’s super fast and easy to get the vehicles we need. Plus, it’s usually a lot cheaper too.

3) Are you satisfied with your rental experience with Fluid? How do you compare it to other rental companies?
I’ve had a great experience with Fluid. It’s probably 10x faster to rent a truck using the Fluid app than renting from UHaul or Budget.  And a lot less paperwork! Furthermore, you can get trucks with unlimited miles which makes it a lot cheaper too. I also appreciate the flexibility of hourly, daily and weekly rental options.

4) How much money do you think you have saved by renting on Fluid?
We’ve saved a ton. In money and in time! We would absolutely recommend Fluid to friends/other businesses – check out the vehicles and the other cool stuff you can borrow instead of buy!

Thanks Cameron, for being such a loyal Fluid user!

For more information about SquirrelBox and their valet storage services, visit their website at

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-The Fluid Team

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