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Fall Crafting with Fluid!

Summer was the time for outdoor activities, sunbathing, and pool days. Fall is right around the corner, which means… crafting season! Now that the weather is cooling down, DIY is all the rage – and Fluid’s here to help!

Here are some of our favorite fall crafts, paired with some items available here in Denver on Fluid!

1) Halloween is just around the corner, but party store costumes can get so expensive – and it’s only for one day of the year! Why not try your hand at sewing one this year? We’ve put together some suggestions for kids and adults, and there’s a sewing machine on Fluid for just $10 a day!

2) Fall is the prime time for home improvement projects – it’s not too cold yet, and you have a newly beautified home for the holidays (one word: guests!). Whether it’s wall art (use a projector for precise tracing, available on Fluid for $15/day!) or making a table with fallen wood (use a wood planer for $50/day) to even out the slabs!

3) Speaking of beautifying your home, hanging wall-art or other decorative things can totally transform a room! Macrame is all the rage right now, and wall-hangings are surprisingly easy to weave: try it out today!

 Once you’ve made your wall-hangings (or, have another piece of art you want to hang), rent a ladder (from $1/hour) and stud finder ($4/day) on Fluid to get the job done! There’s no use buying these items when you only use them once a year!

Instead of heading straight to the hardware store to buy a tool, why not rent from somebody around you? You’ll reduce the clutter in your house, and save money at the same time.

What are you waiting for? Download Fluid and start crafting today! 

– The Fluid Team

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