Jumpstart 2017 with Fluid Recommendations!

Happy New Year!
2017 is here, and it comes with New Years Resolutions, goals, and upcoming plans.

Let us set you up for this year with some solid Fluid recommendations, helpful articles, and tips to make 2017 the year you spend the least $!

1. Looking to beautify your home this year?
There are tons of amazing DIY blogs out there, including A Beautiful Mess, Lovely Indeed, and Paper & Stitch. Browse some cool designs, borrow tools on Fluid and start building!

2. Want some new reading material?
The Skimm is an awesome source for seeking the scoop on current events or breaking news in a fun, digestible way. If you’re based in Colorado, Built In Colorado and Denverite are both great resources for relevant reading material!

3. Planning on moving this year?
Moving can be super stressful! If you have a lot of stuff, we recommend using SquirrelBoxan awesome valet storage service in Denver. They pick up, store, and return your stuff right to your door!

Have a small car and need a bigger one to move, but hate asking your friends if you can borrow theirs? Consider renting a truck on Fluid instead! Not only is it much cheaper than a moving truck company, you can choose between a pickup truck or a box truck! And you can avoid that awkward, “Can I borrow your truck…?” convo with your friend. 😉

4. Want to go on vacation?
Start saving for your trip now! Dobot is an awesome mobile app that lets you set financial goals and save money towards them. Use code FLUID and our friends at Dobot will give you a $10 head start towards your goals! 

5. Trying to make some money?
Fluid is an awesome way to make extra income without a lot of effort! Don’t know where to start? Contact us and we will happily give suggestions on what to list, how to price your items and we will even send a photographer to your location to take pictures of your items for you!

Let your stuff make money for you, all while helping your community find what they need at an affordable cost!

What are your New Years Resolutions? Tweet us @fluidmarket to let us know how we can help! Stay Warm!

– The Fluid Team

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