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How many vehicles can I lend on the platform?

Lenders can rent one or more vehicles on Fluid Market. By renting vehicles on Fluid Market, you are running a business and setting yourself up to make great side hustle money. We recommend you:

  • Provide clear vehicle details and instructions in the profile,
  • Promote your vehicle(s) on Nextdoor and other community bulletin boards to maximize transactions within your local community,
  • Set up regular maintenance schedules, and
  • Stay in close communication with your borrowers through the in-app messaging system.  

How much will my vehicle earn?

Check out the table below to see your projected average annual earnings. Your earnings depend on several factors, including the make, model, and condition of your vehicle, as well as how often your vehicle is available to rent, the price you set, and how you promote your vehicle on Nextdoor, other social networks, and community bulletin boards.

Vehicle type Average earnings per year
Midsize Box Truck (20 ft. +) $20,400
Small Box Truck (12-19 ft.) $15,000
Van (Sprinter, TransitVan, ProMaster, etc.) $14,000
Pickup trucks $10,000


How should I price my vehicle?

We recommend lenders offer competitive hourly, daily, and weekly prices to appeal to a wide variety of renters who are interested in borrowing your vehicle for different lengths of time. By offering daily and weekly rates at a discount, you can incentive longer rentals and higher overall average earnings. Check out similar vehicles on Fluid Market to get a sense of what other lenders are charging. Many of our lenders price at $5/hour and change depending on level of usage, seasonality, and length of rental period.

Once I list my vehicle, how long does it take to get my first reservation?

Fluid Market trucks are most often reserved by your neighbors and nearby community — individuals that live within just a couple of miles of you. For that reason, we recommend that you promote your vehicle on Nextdoor and other community bulletin boards to let your neighbors know that your truck is available. This will help ensure your first reservation happens quickly (usually within the first week or two after you list), and that you drive recurring revenue by having your neighbors rent your vehicle on a regular basis. Check out our blog on how to promote your vehicle on Nextdoor.

We also recommend that lenders stay in close communication with potential renters to respond to any comments or questions. Responding promptly to borrowers through Fluid Market’s in-app messaging system helps quickly lock in reservations.

How can I make my listing more attractive to borrowers?

To maximize transactions for your vehicle, we recommend that lenders:

  • Price your vehicle competitively, and include hourly, daily, and weekly rate options
  • Share a clear, detailed description of the vehicle and pick up/drop off instructions
  • Include several high quality pictures of the exterior and the interior of the vehicle
  • Post on neighborhood bulletin boards like Nextdoor, letting neighbors know its available. Check out our blog on how to promote your vehicle on Nextdoor.

What is Instabook?

Instabook allows Fluid Market lenders to show real time availability of their vehicles, managed directly by Fluid Market. Vehicles set to Instabook — marked with a lightning bolt in the vehicle profile — show real time availability. Ensuring your vehicle’s availability is always up to date in our system through Instabook will help maximize your reservations.

How do I block my vehicle when I need to use it or maintain it?

To block dates when you would like to use your vehicle or maintain it, simply go to the calendar section of the app and mark your vehicle as unavailable for your select dates.

Will borrowers take care of my vehicle?

We often hear from our lenders that their vehicle was returned to them in better condition than when they rented it. You’ll be surprised by how respectful borrowers are.

How do I prevent borrowers from using my vehicle for certain purposes — like towing a boat, off road driving, or driving out of state?

You can indicate within the vehicle profile any activities that are off limits for your vehicle. These instructions will be shared with borrowers both via email and within the app once a reservation is booked. You can also communicate directly with borrowers through our in-app messaging system.

What should I include in my vehicle description?

We recommend you craft a detailed vehicle description, including:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Color
  • Year
  • Manual or automatic
  • Any particular characteristics — please disclose anything a borrower should know (e.g., if you have a liftgate, etc.)
  • Pick up instructions
  • Drop off instructions

Including high quality pictures of the exterior and interior of the vehicle will also help maximize reservations.

Where should I park my vehicle to maximize transactions?

Fluid Market trucks are most often reserved by your neighbors and nearby community — individuals that live within just a couple of miles of you. For that reason, we recommend that you park the vehicle within a nearby radius of where you live. (And don’t forget to promote your vehicle on Nextdoor and other community bulletin boards to let your neighbors know that your truck is available! Check out our blog on how to promote your vehicle on Nextdoor.)

Additional parking tips and tricks:

  • Fluid Market borrowers often rent vehicles more than once, making it part of their regular activities. Keeping your vehicle in a predictable spot can help drive repeat business.
  • If you move your vehicle, you’ll need to raise awareness among a new community at the new location. Nextdoor and other community bulletin boards are great ways to do this.
  • Lenders often park their vehicles near Home Depots, Costcos, and other large stores, to make pick up convenient for borrowers transporting their purchases home.
  • Make sure to move your vehicle for sweet sweeping and snow shoveling!

I use my vehicle(s) for business purposes. What happens if my vehicle is in an accident during a Fluid Market reservation?

We offer a rental car replacement plan for small business fleets. Reach out to us to learn more:

How do I get paid?

Fluid Market pays you via direct deposit.

When do I get paid?

Lenders will be paid within five days following a competed reservation. It can take 3-7 business days for your bank to process the transaction and post the money to your account. To receive payment for your reservations, enter a debit card into the payment section of the app.

How do I charge additional fees such as fuel, mileage, smoking, and late fees?

Lenders can charge additional fees before closing out a reservation. Lenders must clearly disclose each additional fee associated with their vehicle prior to booking a reservation. The most common additional fees lenders charge are for fuel, mileage, smoking, and late returns. As a courtesy, we recommend that lenders message the borrower from within the app with additional fees prior to charging them. You will receive payment of any additional fees charged at the same time you receive payment for the base cost of the reservation.

I ended the reservation but forgot to charge the borrower an additional fee. What should I do?

Lenders have 24 hours to check your vehicle and report any additional issues that may result in extra fees. Please communicate the additional fee(s) with the borrower so there are no surprise charges. To initiate the fees, contact Customer Success at within 24 hours to request additional charges. In your email, please include details of fees, reservation number, and your full name.

Our recommendation is that lenders carefully check the vehicle before closing out the reservation, and charge any appropriate additional fees within the app at the time the reservation ends.

What if I receive a parking ticket or other fee associated with a completed reservation?

If you receive a ticket or toll following a completed reservation, send it to along with the reservation ID number. Fluid Market will review the document(s) and charge the borrower additional fees as necessary.

Am I able to refund the borrower in the event of a reservation issue?

All refunds must be requested in writing to Fluid Market within 24 hours of the completion of the reservation. Please email with the reservation identification number, borrower’s name, and the reason for your refund request. Any refunds requested after 24 hours will not be fulfilled.

What are Fluid Market’s fees?

Fluid Market reservations include the following fees at checkout:

  • A 20% transaction fee is deducted from all reservations. This fee covers insurance, credit card processing fees, and customer support.
  • A minimum booking fee of 10% or $2.00 of the reservation cost. Extensions are also charged subject to a booking fee.
  • Fluid Market offers three insurance tiers: Premium, Basic and Opt-out. Details of these insurance options can be found at the time of booking, as well as in our vehicle insurance FAQ section.

What is the cancellation policy?

If the reservation is cancelled less than 24 hours before the reservation, Fluid Market charges the borrower 10% of the estimated reservation total. If the reservation was made less than 24 hours in advance, the borrower has a 30 minute buffer to cancel; otherwise there are no refunds for reservations.

I initially accepted a reservation, but forgot to cancel. How can I refund the borrower?

Once a reservation has started neither the lender nor borrower will be able to cancel the transaction. Contact Fluid Market at and provide your reservation number, cancellation details, and your full name. We will make sure to process the refund immediately for the borrower. It’s also best to communicate with the borrower that you contacted Fluid Market, so they are aware that you are taking responsibility to reconcile the situation.

What are the requirements to list a vehicle on Fluid Market?

Vehicles listed on Fluid Market must be 2001 or newer, in good or excellent condition, comply with all legal, safety and mechanical standards, and be registered in the United States. Fluid Market offers replacement and damage protection up to $50,000, so if the actual cash value of your vehicle is more than $50,000, please reach out to our Customer Care team to learn more about our Enhanced Owner Protection Program. Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 26,000 pounds and greater, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, powersports items and vehicles that require a commercial license to operate (“Excluded Vehicles”) may be listed with Fluid Market but are not covered by any Fluid Market insurance policy and all owners must have a commercial policy that protects the vehicle, owner, and borrower. Fluid Market is not responsible for claims related to these Excluded Vehicles.

Prior to approving your listing, Fluid Market may collect a picture of your current registration and a vehicle safety report. Failure to provide these documents may result in rejection of your vehicle. Fluid Market reserves the right to remove any listing at its sole discretion.

What kind of insurance does Fluid Market have?

During an active reservation, your vehicle is protected with $300,000 in liability and bodily injury/property damage insurance. The deductible corresponds to the insurance that the borrower elected when making the reservation. Fluid Market may also protect your vehicle against theft and physical damage up to $50,000 for any event that qualifies as a covered peril during the reservation. There is a $500 deductible that applies to claims involving these policies.

Fluid Market does not offer coverage for the following:

  • Interior or exterior wear and tear of the vehicle
  • Lost rental income
  • Replacement vehicle – We are introducing a rental vehicle replacement plan for small business fleets. Please reach out to for additional details.
  • Mechanical damage or malfunction
  • Vehicles with a GVW of 26,000 pounds and greater, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, powersports items and vehicles that require a commercial license to operate (“Excluded Vehicles”)

You may opt-out of the Fluid Market insurance program if you have commercial rental insurance and choose to waive protection by Fluid Market. Please reach out to to get additional information related to our owner provided insurance requirements.

How does Fluid Market verify drivers?

Fluid Market is committed to creating the safest truck sharing community. Our proprietary vetting platform screens out high risk users to ensure the safety and security of our community. We check each new borrower based on over 80 points of reference, and connect to 51 DMVs in the U.S.

What should I do if my item is returned late?

Contact the borrower immediately through Fluid Market’s in-app messaging system to remind them that the vehicle is late, and create a plan for returning the vehicle. Remind the borrower that late fees are 2x the normal rate, and could disrupt upcoming reservations for that vehicle. If the vehicle is not returned after 24 hours, contact us at If you have a conflicting reservation for that vehicle, let the next borrower know as soon as possible through the in-app messaging system. Please also reach out to us at and we can help make alternative arrangements for the borrower.

What if my vehicle is damaged or involved in an accident during a reservation?

If a vehicle is involved in an accident during a reservation, Fluid Market recommends that the drivers always call the police. If another vehicle or party is involved in the accident, please collect the name, address, insurance information, and driver’s license number of the other driver. In some instances, a police report may be required as part of the claims process.   

Please also reach out to our team at within 24 hours. We will help you get in touch with the borrower and file an incident report with relevant documentation.