Sharing Part I : Outdoors Edition

Summer! It’s actually approaching here in moody-weathered Colorado. You know what this means – we’re dusting off our tents, digging out our once-used kayaks, and simultaneously looking for cooler, more outdoorsy things to do. As much as we wish we could head to the mountains every weekend, that’s usually can’t happen with our busy work schedules, social life, etc.

Guys… instead of just leaving your camping equipment to rot in your closet, why don’t you make some cash by letting your neighbors borrow it on Fluid?

Screen Shots

Screen One :

Here’s the list of items available in your area, so if you share your item on Fluid it’ll show up here for your neighbors. (The red icon means that it’s a community need, so not yet available to rent, but in demand!)

Screen Two :

Here’s where you can add some deets about your item: pricing, a short blurb, and a photo of your super cool tent/lawnmower/whatever. You can disable or enable the rates, and enter your neighborhood location as well.

Screen Three:

The borrower sets a time to borrow, can see their estimated total cost, and bam! Their reservation request gets sent right to you! You can then confirm or deny it based on your schedule.

Some more ideas of what you can share with your neighbors:

– A drink cooler or portable grill (for tail gates and camping trips)

– Stand-up Paddleboard (or SUP, as the Coloradoans have fondly dubbed it)

– Bicycles (Mountain, Single-Speed, TANDEM – any! Who doesn’t want to feel the wind in their hair?)

–  Volleyball Net – for those summer barbecues, friend meet-ups and sunset park games!

Shoot us a message if you come up with any other ideas – can’t wait to hear them!

Much love, the Fluid Team

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