Side Hustle Thursday – Folding Tables & Chairs

This is the first installment in our “Side Hustle Thursday” series, Fluid’s top tips on how to make money throughout the year. Stay tuned monthly for more!

You and your neighbors all have one thing in common: You have a ton of stuff in your garage or storage unit that you rarely use. What a waste, right? With Fluid, you can start making money instantly on your stuff, by renting it out to people in need. By doing it through the app, it’s insured and safely processed through our platform. What are you waiting for?

This month, we want to showcase an item that can make a hefty chunk of money on Fluid: Folding tables and chairs.Whether it’s family and friends visiting from out of town, a holiday party, or even a work event, its safe to say we could all use some extra sitting room. Check out this business case below to see the breakdown of how much people are making off their tables and chairs!

Folding Tables and Chairs are a necessity in neighborhoods everywhere.  As inexpensive as these items are, the need for them is high at parties, holidays, and events. A set of 2 Tables and 8 chairs will generate $45 per rental (typically $15/day with an average rental period of 3 days) and generates $90/month or $1,080 per year.  Not bad for something that spends most of it’s life stored in your garage.

Start making easy income monthly by listing your folding tables and chairs today. Then, set up a consistent place in your home where they’re always accessible (like your garage or shed) and turn on Instant Book so you don’t have to be present to hand it off. The Fluid app manages the reservations and pickup/drop-off inspections, leaving you only to answer questions and close out your reservations.

Concerned about your items getting damaged? Rest easy knowing that Fluid Market insures all items with a $1,000,000 dollar liability policy, and  $50,000 in damage replacement insurance.

Add your table & chairs and start generating passive income, all while helping out your neighbors. Questions? Give us a shout at – we’re happy to help you start generating cash while transforming the world.

To start saving and/or making money, download the Fluid Market app today. If you take any awesome photos with Fluid-rented items, tag us @fluidmarket / #fluidit and we’ll share!

– The Fluid Team

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