Side Hustle Thursday – Make $500/month on a Pickup Truck

This is the second installment in our “Side Hustle Thursday” series, Fluid’s top tips on how to make money throughout the year. Stay tuned monthly for more!

Have you heard the old saying, “Everybody needs a buddy with a pickup truck”? Too often, people are renting trucks from Uhaul or Home Depot – which usually aren’t at a convenient location, are expensive (HomeDepot can cost $179 for an 8 hour truck rental), and the experience is lacking (Let’s face it – waiting in line sucks).

There’s a huge opportunity for individuals to rent out trucks to their neighbors and fulfill this need, while providing an amazing experience and making some income.

Whether you need it to haul a Craigslist find, move to your new home, or bring home your Christmas tree, everyone needs a truck once and while. Having one close by and easy to access makes life a lot better. If you already own one (or have ever thought about buying one), check out the below business case below. Start making money while helping out your neighbors!

Pick-up trucks are extremely popular on Fluid. The average long bed pick-up truck from 2001-2010 generates over $500/month, with later models generating $800 and up. The typical trucks rents for between $5 to $10 per hour or $20-$49 per day.

Purchase an older pickup truck for a couple grand, and start making cash today! Attach a lockbox to the back bumper and a GPS tracker inside the cab (contact us at for a free tracker!) for easy, autonomous pickup. Once you set your truck to Instant Book, the Fluid app manages the reservations, pickup/return and inspections, and leaves you only to answer questions about the truck and close out your reservations. Fluid lenders have built fleets of trucks by purchasing used trucks, paying them off in just months, and consistently making money every week.

Insurance and safety:  Fluid Market provides the rental insurance policy for all vehicle while it’s being rented, and carries the state minimums. We also verify driver licenses and run DMV records on each user before allowing them to rent your vehicle. 

Add your first vehicle and start generating passive income, all while helping out your neighbors. Questions? Give us a shout at – we’d be happy to help you start generating cash while transforming the world.

To start saving and/or making money, download the Fluid Market app today. If you take any awesome photos with Fluid-rented items, tag us @fluidmarket / #fluidit and we’ll share!

– The Fluid Team

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