Throwing Your Holiday Party with Fluid

Having a successful holiday party doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend tons of money. And there’s certainly no need to spend all your gift money in one night! By keeping things simple and focusing more on the atmosphere, you can celebrate the most wonderful time of the year without breaking the bank. Let Fluid Market help you out with the heavy lifting!

A curated guest list & fun decor

When it comes to the guest list, make sure you invite at least a few people who will know everybody else at partye soiree, so you’re not left making conversation and connecting everybody. Invite your sister and their friend, a couple of fun coworkers, an acquaintance and a neighbor.

Keep the decor simple – string Christmas lights around your event space, light some pine-scented candles, and buy some pine cones to scatter around your party spread. Rent a ladder on Fluid Market for $5 or less to get everything decorated, without the hassle.

Simple Spread

Keep the food and drink simple to leave focus for the guests! Simmer some hot apple cider on the stove for some delicious room smell, buy some meat and cheese boards from a local business, and stock up on plenty of wine and beer for the crowd. Rent a large cooler off Fluid for $10 to make sure everything stays nice and cold throughout the warm party. To make sure there’s enough room for all the bites, rent a few tables and folding chairs off Fluid for less than $10 a set.

Easy Pickup

To pickup everything from your Christmas tree to your keg, rent a pickup truck on Fluid so you can get the job done quickly. They’re available 24/7, for an hourly, daily, or weekly rental, and ready for you to take without waiting in line. Rent one for as low as $5/hour on the Fluid Market app.

Drink some apple cider, play some old-timey Christmas music, and celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. For all the other stuff, let Fluid Market help.

To find these items and more, download the Fluid Market app and start borrowing today.

– The Fluid Team

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