Top Secret New Features!

Hi Fluid Fam!

Just kidding, they’re not top secret. But you probably haven’t seen them yet!
We’re excited to announce several highly-requested features! You asked, we delivered. Check them out below and try them for yourself!

*Must have the latest version, 1.18 to see these new features!*

Instant Book
One of our favorite new features! You can now set an item to Instant Book – which means a reservation will automatically be confirmed when a member requests it.
You’ll see a little lightning bolt next to the item name, signifying that it is available for Instant Book! Once you choose your times and request the reservation, it will be confirmed immediately.
This means no more waiting! Wahoo!

Referral Codes
Invite all of your friends to Fluid, and earn $5 for each one that completes their first reservation with your code!
Tap on ‘Free Rentals’ in the side menu to see your referral code.
You can share the code manually with your friends, or press the Share button below to send them a text!
Start racking up that $$$!

Earnings Summary
Want to see the total of how much money you’ve made renting out your stuff on Fluid?
Go into the Account option in the side menu and press Transaction History > Lender. 
There you’ll see your total earnings at the top, with an itemized list underneath with all of your reservations!



Multiple Photos
Add up to five photos of your item, to feature more details and angles!
The more high-quality, brightly lit photos you have the more reservations you’ll get!

Search by User
If you’re looking for a certain user and their items, type @ and their name in the Search Bar.
Once you search by a user, you can check out all of their awesome items, plus their rating and photo!

Blocking Times
Going out of town for the weekend, or using the item you have on Fluid?
Go to the My Items option in the side menu, choose your item, and press Blocked Times.
There, you can select periods of time the item will be unavailable to reserve!

Those are just some of the new features we’ve added. Our team is constantly working hard to create the best app for you possible. Have new features ideas or requests? Have any feedback or suggestions for us? Give us a shout at – we’d love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoy the new features, and stay warm this week!

– The Fluid Team

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