User Spotlight: Andrew of Wallet Squirrel

Meet Andrew, one of Fluid’s newest users. He’s the founder of the money-saving website Wallet Squirrel which shows people ways they can save money on the side. We spoke with Andrew to learn a little bit more about his experience with Fluid, and a little more about his business!

1. What was the inspiration behind Wallet Squirrel?

I work for one of the top architecture firms in Denver, and wanted to start this on the side. Did you know that 36% of millennials haven’t started saving for retirement? Frankly, they just don’t have the extra money to even start. I started Wallet Squirrel to say, “Hey, here are some additional ways to save money – like renting your stuff on Fluid!” I even have a personal goal of saving $10M from side hustles suggested on my website!

2. Speaking of Fluid, how did you hear about us in the first place?

Well, I started getting involved with the Denver startup community, and heard about Fluid when I went to a friend’s birthday party. My friend and I randomly started a conversation about side hobbies, and somebody mentioned making money off their stuff through the Fluid Market app.

3. Have you reserved something recently?

Yes! I rented a vespa/scooter on Fluid for this weekend to explore downtown. The reservation process was really easy – I took a picture of my drivers license, and it was approved right away. One of the coolest things about the app is that most things on there are super cheap, and you set your own prices (competitive or not)!

I’m the most excited about renting a virtual reality system! I want to invite some friends over and try it out.

Thanks Andrew, for being such a loyal Fluid user!

For more information about Wallet Squirrel and Andrew’s blog post about his experience with Fluid Market, visit their website at!

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-The Fluid Team

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