User Spotlight: Hauler App

Meet Benjamin, one of Fluid’s 5 star users. He operates and owns his own moving app, Hauler, out of the Denver Metro Area. He rents vehicles on Fluid for his movers, and also rents out his own pickup truck! We spoke with Benjamin to learn a little bit more about how Fluid has improved his business, and helped the movers on his network save a ton of money.

1. What was the inspiration behind hauler?
Funny story – My friend and I were drinking during the world cup, and we were spitballing business ideas. We stumbled upon UberX, and I had a pickup truck that was vastly under-utilized, so we decided on an uber-for-moving kind of thing. That’s how we got started!

2. What has been the most challenging to start this business?
The most challenging thing has been recruiting enough drivers, and getting enough work to satisfy the drivers that we bring on.

3. How has Fluid improved your business?
Sometimes I get bigger jobs to move an entire house, and because Hauler only has pickups on the fleet, the job becomes too big. Fluid provides an easy-to-use app where I can just grab the keys to a larger vehicle and fill it up when I’m done.
It’s just a more convenient, cheaper way of renting things and a lot more inexpensive than Uhaul or those other moving truck companies. With access to Fluid’s vehicles I don’t miss out on business, and don’t have to say no to these bigger jobs (which are much more lucrative). Fluid’s great.

Thanks Benjamin, for being such a loyal Fluid user!

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-The Fluid Team

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