User Spotlight: Ironback Movers

Meet Jerome, one of Fluid’s 5 star users. He operates and owns his own moving company, Ironback Movers, out of the Denver Metro Area. He was one of Fluid’s first users and has continued to rent vehicles from Fluid weekly – we even hired them to help us move into our new office space! We spoke with Jerome to learn a little bit more about how Fluid has improved his business, and helped Ironback save a ton of money.

How did you hear about Fluid?

We helped move somebody into their new home, and he told us about Fluid. We asked a little more about it, and the user said he had listed some trucks to rent on the app – so we explored the app and decided to try it out. It ended up really helping us!

What’s your favorite thing about Fluid?

The large assortment of vehicles. With Fluid, we have access to large trucks, small trucks, cargo vans – pretty much anything we need to move peoples items, Fluid has them available for us to use. It’s really convenient and helpful.

Would you say you’ve saved money with Fluid?

Oh yes. The rates people set are affordable, especially the listings with unlimited mileage. When you rent a truck from Uhaul for instance, they charge a ton for mileage and fuel. It’s a hassle and Fluid’s been a lot easier. Plus, meeting the people who own the vehicles is awesome.

Tell us about your business since using Fluid.

Since using Fluid our business has increased significantly. We’re all self built and don’t have much in terms of marketing. Using these trucks has helped a lot with saving money, and if any of our vehicles go out of service we have Fluid as a backup.

Thanks Jerome, for being such a loyal Fluid user and for moving us into our new office!

If anybody needs a trusty, affordable moving company, contact Ironback Movers at 720-276-4045.

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-The Fluid Team

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