User Spotlight: Jared A.

Meet Jared, one of Fluid’s avid users. He’s an audio producer, blogger and musician who uses Fluid primarily to rent video and audio equipment for his business! We spoke with Jared to learn a little bit more about his experience with Fluid, and how Fluid helps him and his business save money.

1. How did you hear about Fluid?

Word of mouth, for sure. At first I thought it was just for outdoor gear (camping, lawn games, etc) and then one day I was browsing and saw a Sony a6300 E-mount camera listed – which is an awesome camera to record music videos with, but was too expensive for me to purchase.

2. Tell me more about your experience reserving this camera.

The first time I reserved the camera from lender Cole J., I just wanted to try the camera out. I wasn’t expecting to reserve it again, honestly. But, the video quality was so great and I had such a great experience that I rented it again and again. I’ve been working on a couple of projects, and I’ve been using the camera to film almost all of them.

(We’ve attached a video filmed with this camera to this blog post!)

3. How much money has Fluid saved you?

Tons and tons of money. This particular camera can cost upwards of $1500, and that’s definitely something I can’t afford right now. However, I can still use it whenever I want and pay a fraction of the cost to rent it. My work looks professional without having to spend that money!

To check out Jared’s work and blog, visit his website at – and click the image below to watch the video he filmed with this camera!

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-The Fluid Team

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