User Spotlight: Laura

Meet Laura, one of Fluid’s 5 star users – here she is above, standing in front of her Fluid shed! She’s a member of the Berkeley/Sunnyside community, and has been renting out various things on Fluid since we first launched. We spoke with Laura to learn a little bit more about how her experience on Fluid has been, and how much money she’s made!

1. How did you first hear about Fluid?

About a year ago, I heard about Fluid from a friend and loved the idea. I frequent NextDoor and I see that people always need to borrow things, so I was thrilled to be involved. Our whole family’s on Fluid!

2. What kind of items do you have available to rent on Fluid?

We have a lot of household tools like clippers, rakes and shovels – but our most popular item is the bouncy house.

3. Have you rented things from other people on Fluid?

Yes! We’ve had great luck with that, and have met a ton of neighbors through Fluid. We actually rent a rototiller pretty often in our neighborhood, and the lender and I have become friends. I’ve also borrowed a couple of moving trucks to move furniture. In fact, my sister is in town next week for a trip, and is renting a car off Fluid!

4. How much money have you made off Fluid? Have you spent your earnings on anything fun?

The bouncy castle that we own has really helped us make money. We came close to making $800 last summer! I’m betting this summer we’ll make twice that, because Fluid has become way more popular. We’re actually taking a vacation (without the kids!) with our Fluid funds this summer.

5. What are you planning for Fluid this summer?

We’re very excited to have a shed this summer, so we can set all of our items on Instabook. We’ve set up detailed pickup instructions, a passcode for the shed, and the items are all labeled for easy identification. Now, we won’t have to be home to get reservations!

Thanks Laura, for being such a loyal Fluid user and growing with us since the beginning!

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-The Fluid Team

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