User Spotlight: Steve

Meet Steve, one of Fluid’s avid users. (He’s asked us to keep his identity hidden, so we’ve made up a fun name.) He’s a Denver businessman who’s converted from using Turo to Fluid! We spoke with him to learn a little bit more about his experience with Fluid, and how Fluid helps him and his business save money.

1. How did you hear about Fluid?

I rented a Tesla through the Turo App once, and the owner of the Tesla told me that he had the same car advertised on Fluid for cheaper. I haven’t used Turo since that day! ever since I was turned on to the Fluid App, I have been able to rent all sorts of vans, trucks, and more in addition to the Tesla Model X.

2. Tell me more about your reservation experiences.

I have found that sometimes it’s more convenient to get the key from a lockbox, versus having to meet with a human. There have been times where I require assistance, but all the vehicle owners have been quickly responsive and committed to helping me out with whatever issue I’m having. We plan on renting the party bus and party shuttle for our next company party! Those vehicles look like a lot of fun, plus they’ll fit a lot of people which is a bonus.

3. How much money has Fluid saved you?

Compared to the commercial rental car companies that we have frequently utilized in the past, we have saved thousands of dollars thanks to Fluid. Our hospitality company uses Fluid every time we need to move furniture, pickup/drop-off groceries, or transport goods from one destination to another!

4. What do you like about Fluid?

Transactions are super easy through the app. It takes less than thirty seconds to locate an available vehicle and instantly book it. Our company really digs the user experience that the app provides. The owners of the vehicles have been very pleasant and helpful through the app! Although I have only met one of them in person, it’s always a delightful experience renting something through the app. It seems I always need to extent my reservation for one reason or another, and the app makes it really easy to do that and/or communicate directly with the owner. I love the overall idea that now we can advertise all the stuff sitting around in the garage of storage unit, and make some money off of it instead of letting it collect dust!

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-The Fluid Team

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