User Spotlight: Tim!

Meet Tim, one of Fluid’s super lenders! He’s been renting out multiple vehicles on Fluid and has been raking in some serious cash. We spoke with Tim to learn a little bit more about how his experience on Fluid has been, and how much money he’s made.

1. How did you first hear about Fluid?

I heard about Fluid from a mutual friend and loved the idea.

2. What kind of items do you have available to rent on Fluid?

I rent out four vehicles – two are commuter sedans, one is a midsize SUV, and the last is a Ford F-150 utility vehicle.

3. How much money do you make a week on Fluid?

I usually make about $500 a week, and I have a lot of repeat customers because they love my vehicles.

4. What has made you continue to be a lender on Fluid?

I’ve seen the Fluid community grow each week, and more people show interest in renting my vehicle – especially for longer terms! It’s similar to the new “gig economy” – people borrowing things only when they need them – so it’s good for the environment too. I see a lot of promise in the platform, and as more users come on board, it’ll make it easier to buy more items to rent out!

5. Do you have any goals with Fluid?

My personal goal is to have vehicles that are 100% paid off and cash flowing in at a healthy rate with utilization as high as possible. Essentially, I would like to rent vehicles that are being rented 80+ percent of the time with great renters. I also want to help people use vehicles they normally wouldn’t be able to use

Thanks Tim, for being a power lender! To rent Tim’s vehicles, search items 15797, 15493, 14555, and 8920.

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-The Fluid Team

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